reAlpha's AI Technology Ecosystem around the Emerging Short-Term Rental Market

reAlpha is a tech-first company…and we believe in leveraging the power of artificial intelligence to help us make the best short-term rental buying decisions. 💸 How, you ask? Our proprietary AI technology analyzes thousands of homes on the market and points us to the ones that may be the most Airbnb-viable. It filters through and chooses the best properties for short-term rentals, using data points such as distance to the airport to generate a reAlpha score. As more properties are analyzed and approved or refused, the BRAIN learns and gets better!
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reAlpha’s AI Scoring Algorithm for Rental Properties
Similar to how the human mind works, the reAlphaBRAIN Artificial Intelligence determines what makes a property good through experience and analyzing thousands of examples. Some data points become more important, others less so, and the scoring algorithm gets “smarter.” (That's the beauty of machine learning!) reAlpha’s AI scoring algorithm for rental properties ranks properties based on the data points. The score ranges from 0 to 100, and allows thousands of properties to be analyzed per minute. 🏡
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How does reAlpha's HUMINT Validate & Train reAlpha’s AI?
After AI analysis is complete, the properties are then sent to HUMINT, short for “Human Intelligence,” which provides human validations for reAlpha's broker-dealer manager digital marketplace app. The HUMINT platform allows our internal analysts and gig workers in the property’s city (or even around the world) to score the property on the same factors as the reAlphaBRAIN AI as well as visual aspects such as curb and neighborhood appeal, necessary renovations, and more. These scores are fed back into the reAlphaBRAIN AI platform to train the machine learning model! We select and approve the properties with the highest scores, then list them on reAlpha’s broker-dealer manager digital marketplace app. 📲